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The digital printing industry has benefited from our collaborative innovation for nearly 17 years. We combine market-leading expertise to provide the greatest services to our customers. Our commitment and diligence have allowed us to build a large clientele that is spread over the entire nation. It’s our efforts that have helped us obtain a presence among the top digital DTF Printer Suppliers in India.

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Why Choose UV-DTF Printers?

The UV-DTF stickers can be used at will. They are highly convenient to use – you can easily paste them after peeling. They solve the vacancy of irregular shapes in spray printing. These stickers exhibit bright patterns, rich colours, highly glossy, and strong 3D sense. They are easy to take up, separate, and leave no residue glue during transfer.

  • High-quality, durable stickers
  • Fast and efficient printing services
  • Wide range of customization options
  • Affordable pricing
  • Excellent customer service
  • Save Labour Cost
UV DTF printers

Working of UV-DTF Printers

The process is simple, no plate making, and no waste discharge. The UV-DTF film has a bright colour with
amazing gloss and can produce 3D effects on-demand, convenient transfer, energy saving,
environmental protection, and beautiful.

UV DTF machine- Cold Stickers

Gloss - Printing the pattern on the film

UV DTF Stickers

Laminating film Bon the film A

peel off on bottle cold stickers

Pasting it onto the surface

branding stickers on bottle

Peel the film

print on film
powder shaker in DTF machine
heat press
t shirt dtf printing process

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Print on anything you desire, without having to coordinate with multiple vendors and know more about UV DTF printing solutions.

Applications of UV-DTF Printers

To meet the personalized demands of individuals and the needs of designers, UV-DTF technology has emerged on a large scale. The patterns, shapes, or images they form are realistic and layered. The high artistry, powerful stereoscopic, and richness make UV-DTF printers the first choice for diverse industries.

Here are our examples

How long can our UV-DTF Stickers Last?

The answer depends on the material to which the sticker is pasted and, of course, the environment.

Usually, the stickers can last for a very long time if they are pasted on a hard, smooth surface and the environment is average room temperature. However, the risk of cracking and falling off increases if the material is exposed to constant sun, rain, rubbing, or temperature blisters. 

At Axis Enterprises, we take pride in providing world-class UV-DTF sticker printing machines to meet the demands of individuals and businesses. The stickers produced by our printers can easily last for two to three years.

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Here is a compilation of frequently asked questions we get about DTF printing.

DTF white ink requires a daily shake, and hence regular printing is the best type of maintenance. You only need to shake the ink and conduct an automatic print head clean before printing if you print every two days.

We can use digital printers for leather, t-shirt, garments, bags, and even shoe printing.

Like a DTG or conventional inkjet printer, it will clog up. You must flush the lines, clean your print head, and leave it soaking in cleaning solution if you want to turn off your printer for a few weeks or months.

Yes, we provide excellent and affordable after sales-services to cater to every client’s needs. We’re here to help with everything from repairs to installation.

Many different DTF printers and supplies are available from us. DTF Printers, DTF print heads, DTF sticker printers, and many more.

If you use the powder and follow the recommended application techniques, washability ought to be flawless.

If you use the powder and follow the recommended application techniques, washability ought to be flawless.

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