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Our innovative approach caters to both small and large industries, offering efficient and versatile solutions for Gift Printing Machine that balance cost-effectiveness and quality. We committed to innovation and adaptability allows businesses to thrive in an ever-evolving market. Choose efficiency, embrace excellence, and experience the future of production solutions, empowering businesses to drive growth, achieve operational brilliance, and shape a successful tomorrow.

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Our printers help you make more profits with excellent quality. 

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Printing innovations For Every kind of Industries

Get introduced to our revolutionary printing equipment, which will help you bring your creative ideas to life swiftly and stand out in the competition. We at AXIS, Strive hard to provide you with the latest printing machines with superior quality and affordable rates so that they can stand out among industry leaders and start to boost their revenue and overall growth.  

We are engaged in offering long-lasting and reliable UV Printers like:​

  • Flashjet Mini: Designed to meet the UV printing for small business owners who has low production requirements.


  • Arcjet 360: Arcjet 360 Bottle printing machine is capable of printing  cylindrical product in one pass with high quality and speed.


  • Nexus 800: It is designed with two head bigger in size for Medium scale businesses for garments printing business.


  • Primus: Experience hassle-free UV printing. With Primus you can print uneven, curved and irregular surfaces.


  • Aurous: It is also a High injection UV Flatbed Printer used to print irregular surfaces.

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Print on anything you desire, without having to coordinate with multiple vendors and know more about corporate gifting printing solutions.

Explore the Most Reliable and Quality UV-DTF Printers

Experience hassle-free DTF Printing with our Roll to Roll DTF Printer, the best in its class, for your t-shirt, canvas, and many more prints!

Know about the features:

  • White Ink Circulation: White ink particles are kept from settling down thanks to processor-controlled white ink circulation.
  • Vacuum Bed: Maintains the same distance between the print head and the sheet, which keeps the sheet aligned to the bottom.
  • Roll To Roll Support: No need to print sheets one by one with continuous roll printing support
  • Auto Roll Unwinding: Smooth and continuous printing thanks to an integrated media sensor that unwinds the roll automatically during printing.
  • Large Ink Tank: large ink capacity for each color, so that you never run out of ink while doing heavy jobs
  • LCD Display: Multifunction LCD Display which helps you with fine-tuning the DTF printer
  • Low Power: consumption: Energy-efficient printers that consume low power and produces stronger performance
  • Faster Printing: Faster printing with high precision exhibiting ultimate professional performance
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Our Goal is Your Exponential Business Growth

Achieving exponential business growth is our unwavering objective. By leveraging innovative strategies, fostering customer-centric solutions, and embracing dynamic market trends, we are committed to propelling your business towards unprecedented success. Partner with us to unlock your true growth potential.

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We have a committed group of experts that work hard to meet our clients’ evolving needs.

  • Proven 17-Year Expertise: With a remarkable track record spanning 17 years of working.
  • Diverse Industry Coverage: Our extensive presence across 44+ diverse industries.
  • Extensive Installation Portfolio: With over 1350+ successful installations throughout India.
  • Nationwide Service Coverage: Our Pan India service network guarantees comprehensive assistance.
  • Wide Printer Model Selection: Choose from a diverse range of 29+ printer models.
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Choose a printer that will accomplish your printing requirements and goals.

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Here is a compilation of frequently asked questions we get about Girt items printing.

We can print almost all the materials, but in terms of corporate gifting, generally vendors use our machine to print bags, bottles, mugs, wooden gifts, diaries, pens, wallets, office stationery, silver coins, electronics items, gadgets, etc.

Richo Gen 5i, Gen 5, & Gen 6 are used in high injection machines, and Epson is used in small models of UV printers.

Yes, you can print on irregular, round, and uneven surfaces with our specialized high-injection printers, such as Microjet, Aurous, Primus, and Magnus.

It depends upon your maintenance. If you know your machine will not run for a few days, you can take a nozzle test regularly to prevent clogging of the ink.

Height can be adjusted up to 300 mm.

Yes, you can use our high capacity printers , which are capable of printing multiple items simultaneously. Having a bed size up to 2×3 meters.

Yes, you can  choose FlashJet Mini at very reasonable prices. 

Yes, we can provide onsite support whenever it is needed from our engineers and after sale services department.  We are already giving on-site services to 1400+ customers.

 Our sales executive will guide you through the printers and provide demos when demanded.
We also accept your products and provide sampling.

Discuss your printing requirements with our experts before investing in our solutions