High Quality Prints In a Fraction of Time on Cylindrical Products with Our Bottle Printer. 

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With The Help of Our Bottle Printing Machine, Incorporate Your Custom Designs Into a Variety Of Materials.

Our specialized digital UV water bottle printing machine is able to apply, embossed textures, and more 3D effects on a variety of materials. Our rotary /Cylindrical printing machine is able to provide high quality printing in one pass  (in single time) at a faster speed that satisfies your production demand at less expensive costs and labor.

We pride ourselves on working in partnership with some of the leading brands.

Unleash the Potential of Bottle Printing with Axis Enterprises

Your idea can come to life with the bottle printing equipment from Axis Enterprises. AXIS ‘s Arcjet 360, which we are showcasing, can be used to print on bangles also. The entire bar can fit inside the device, and it produces high-quality prints. It is a high-injection bottle printer that can also print on irregular surfaces. We minimize all of the problems with our high speed rotary printing machine.

The industry is facing problems printing on rounded surfaces with outdated technology that can be implemented with great effort, with high labor costs and time that increase the proficiency of the product. It has the ability to print on surfaces with a depth of up to 10 to 12 mm as well as on irregular surfaces, which gives each position a special selling point.

We offer a variety of printing equipment, including water bottle printers, bangles, cylinder printers, and plastic bottle printers.

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Machine Technical Specification

Product Name Arcjet 360
No. of NozzlesStandard 3 pieces 
Tapper AdjustYes
UV Curing Segmented  UV Lamp
Cylinder Range45-160mm
Printing Length80-280mm
Print HeadGen 5i
Nozzle Range2-13mm
Ink drop Vol2.5pl
Filter TypeWashable
RIP SoftwareRIIN
Bottle Printer
Arcjet 360 bottle printer
Print Resolution 720*1200dpi
Print VersionWhite, Color, Varnish
Print ModeCMYK+W+V
PowerAC 220, 50~60HZ
Connection MethodNetwork Cable
Ink Type Env. UV Curing Ink
Graphic FormatTiff/JPG/PDF/PNG/AI
Temperature 20c-80c Degree
Dust Avoid Dust Env.
LightingAvoid Sun Light
17 years of experience
Units sold
Satisfied Clients
sq. feet print/ day

Adopt Advanced Technologies for Faster and more Efficient Production with Good Profit.

Print on circular, curved, conical, and rotary cylindrical products, including bottles, cans, bracelet bars, pipe and glass, among others.

Unlock Limitless Possibilities with Our Bottle Printing Machine

Imagine the impact of a perfectly customized water bottle or sipper bottle carrying your brand’s logo. With Axis Enterprises’ bottle printing machines, you can bring your vision to life. We deal in plastic bottle printing machine, water bottle printer, cylinder printing machine, and many more. 

Whether you’re in the beverage industry, promotional products business, or running a personalized gift shop, our advanced technology opens up a world of possibilities for your brand. 
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Quality Evaluation

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Get Printed

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Axis Enterprises can help you minimize downtime and maximize your printing capabilities.

High-Quality Prints: Our bottle printing machines are equipped with advanced technology that ensures unparalleled printing quality. Experience vibrant colors, crisp designs, and flawless details on every bottle.

Highly Versatile & Customizable: Whether you’re printing on water bottles, sipper bottles, cans or any other type of bottle, our machines offer versatile and customizable solutions to meet your specific needs. From logos and graphics to text and serial numbers, we provide the flexibility to create captivating designs.

Efficiency and Productivity: Our bottle printing machines are designed for efficiency, allowing you to print a large volume of bottles in a short amount of time. Increase your productivity and meet your deadlines without compromising on quality.

User-Friendly Interface: Our machines are designed with user-friendliness in mind. Even if you’re new to bottle printing, our intuitive interfaces make it easy to operate the equipment. Our team provides comprehensive training and ongoing support to ensure you achieve optimal results.

Reliability and Durability: At Axis Enterprises, we believe in delivering high-quality products built to last. Our cylinder printing machines are crafted with robust materials and top-of-the-line components, ensuring durability and consistent performance.


There are many benefits to using a bottle printing machine. Some of the benefits include:

Print In One take: This machine enables the printing of bottles in one pass. There is no need to adjust the bottle multiple times during printing.

Efficient for Uneven Surfaces: This printer has high injection print, which is ideal for printing on uneven surfaces as well.

Emboss and Varnish: Customize your rotary products printing with emboss and varnish effects.

Faster Production: You can get higher production as machine speed is faster than other techniques available on the market.

The print head of the UV printer for bottles is imported from the UK and has resolution of up to 2400 dpi, which results in an exquisite print quality.

A single color takes 10-15 seconds to print, a full design bottle or other cylindrical product takes 30-45 seconds to print, and embossing takes one to two minutes.

We can print all the rotary products such as tubes, bottles, cans, bangles, sippers, plastic glass , shakers, handle  less mug, candle, pen container, conical thermos cups except glass etc. 

You can print 6 colors with this machine i.e. CMYK + White + Varnish.