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Read Below Why You Should Choose Axis Digital UV Printers

1. High quality , stable starting performance, and running performance with a servo motor.

2. The materials that can be used on a digital led UV printer are virtually limitless, such as photographic paper, film, canvas, cloth, plastic, PVC, acrylic, carpet, tile, glass, ceramic, metal, wood, leather, and more.

3. Energy-efficient: UV printing provides the ability to incorporate more environmentally friendly products since the printers can print on virtually any material and require fewer cartridges. Additionally, the inks used often contain fewer harmful chemicals, and the light source is entirely ozone-free.

4. Spot White Printing: With a UV flatbed printer, white can now be used as a spot colour on any non-white substrate like coloured paper, coloured plastic, corrugated cardboard, glass, and metal.

5. Flood White Printing: White ink can be printed using flood-fill data generated by the printer to cover the whole image area.

6. Day/Night Flood White Printing: By using white as the diffusion layer while reverse printing the back side, flatbed printing provides the ability to achieve day/night backlit prints or a multi-layered effect on clear substrates.

7. UV prints can be produced with high levels of gloss or dull finishes, depending on the look required for your project.

8. Installations can be easier because now you have the option to choose lightweight alternative substrates.

9. Chemical interaction with the substrate is reduced because of the quick, hard drying, and low absorption properties. This fact opens up doors to a variety of different
substrates to be used.

10. More choices mean greater opportunity for creative sign solutions such as papyrus paper. Also, there are more opportunities for using diverse recycled materials.

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